Student Radio Show on Air!

Make sure you tune into The Homework Club on 979FM from 4pm to 6pm Thursday afternoons. Learn More

Student Free Day

Teachers will be using the Student Free Day on Friday, 5th June to work collaboratively in Professional Learning Teams. Learn More

Course Counselling

Students in Year 9 and Year 10 will take part in a range of course counselling activities as part of our Tutorial Group Program. Learn More

Travels to Gallipoli

Travis Ferri, Ryan Sutcliffe and Ethan McIntosh spent Anzac Day in Gallipoli and on the island of Lemnos. Learn More

Regional Leadership

Staughton Senior Student Leaders chaired the second regional Student Leaders Conference at Staughton College on Wednesday 6th of May. Learn More

Yr 12 Performance sells out!

Students shined in the spotlight during last night moving performance of A Child Shall Lead, to a sell out crowd! Learn More
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