Junior Years

Year 7 and 8 Programs

Staughton College is dedicated to helping students make a smooth transition from primary school. We put lot of effort into our transition, beginning with the Year 7 camp, to ensure students feel safe, happy and stimulated – ready to begin their learning future in a new school environment. 

Once they start, we get to work with our Year 7 program which is geared to helping students develop the values, drive and perseverance they need to achieve at school and ultimately in life. To develop these qualities, we create a broad range of learning experiences for students in their subjects and activities inside and outside the classroom. We maintain the positive connection with primary school learning by ensuring that students are based in one classroom with two core teachers for two-thirds of each week. 

Students new to our College comment on the exciting new subjects, specialist teachers and colourful surroundings. We try to create real life learning experiences and insist that students persevere in order to achieve success.

Students in Years 7 and 8 are supported heavily by Year Level Coordinators and by a Learning Coordinator.  This ensures a holistic monitoring of welfare, attendance, learning progress and learning outcomes.

Years 7 – 8 Core Curriculum

All students in Year 7 and 8 follow a core curriculum that emphasises literacy and numeracy. Our core subjects have specifically designed extension and support curriculum, and our Year 7 and 8 English and Mathematics classes are timetabled to deliver more one-on-one and small group extension along with support. Our Year 7 and 8 curriculum offers the equivalent of a full day’s tuition devoted to English and Mathematics every week. While this extended learning time offers lots of time for group and team activities, independent learning skills are instilled from the very start.

Core subjects include a range of Arts and Technology subjects, each with an increasing emphasis on ICT applications: English, Humanities, Mathmatics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Technology – Food and Materials, Drama, Music, Media and Art.

Year 7 students have access to the school’s BYOD program and ICT rich curriculum, a Year 7 Retreat area, with strong supervision, and access to the gym and scholarships for Outstanding Leadership.  Our NAPLAN data shows that our students improve at a faster rate than the state in literacy and numeracy in Years 7 and 8, our attendance rates at Year 7 are higher than state average and we are in the top 10% of the State for Student Satisfaction in these year levels. 

Staughton College also has an incentive to reward students who are consistently displaying the correct behaviours as per our Behaviour Matrix, maintaining high attendance and showing learning progression in all their subjects. Each term students who met this criteria will receive invitations to attend a rewards afternoons. 


Students attending the rewards day met the follow criteria –

  • Clearly meeting on their interim report in all subjects.
  • 95% attendance rate, and
  • No incident or buddy reports throughout the term

All students are encouraged to consistantly work hard throughout the school year to ensure their place on the rewards afternoons.


Junior Tutoring

Staughton College is now offering Junior tutoring in Maths and English to all students in Years 7,8 & 9. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get extra help in these core subjects. Tutoring will be on every Tuesday from 3:20 – 4:00 in C5 & C6. Extra support for students can be helpful in improving your child’s learning progress. All students welcome.


English Tutoring – C5 –      Tuesday – 3:20 – 4:00

Maths Tutoring – C6 –        Tuesday – 3:20 – 4:00

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