Staughton Debating and Public Speaking Squad (DAPSS)

Staughton College’s Public Speaking and Debating Team is eagerly preparing for our upcoming school wide competitions as part of the training of our future interschool debating team. Students are currently competing against each other as part of our whole school curriculum area celebrations in order to build our foundational debating skills for future interschool competitions. 

Teams have been attending weekly meetings to prepare for their debates and public speaking competitions and should be proud of the efforts they have put in, especially those participating in debating and public speaking events for the first time.

In DAPSS, students will be participating in debates against each other as well as members of staff on the subjects of positive school behaviour, English, Science, the Arts and current media issues. Students will also have the opportunity to work the Debating Association of Victoria in upcoming workshops (TBA) this year as part of our schools training program.

We have had a busy term in Debating and Public Speaking and look forward to School Debating and Public speaking in Semester Two. Students who wish to participate in Staughton’s Debating and Public Speaking program can come to weekly lunchtime meetings on Thursdays.

For more details/information regarding debating or public speaking or any of our upcoming events, please contact Mrs Ludvik at the College.


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