MONA Trip 2015

The Staughton Tasmania Trip started early in the morning with a group of 15 Year 11 and 12 students coming to school at 5:30 and driving to the airport. We arrived at 7:00am, having only a short period of time to have breakfast and use the toilets before we departed.  

The weather was blisteringly cold and pouring down rain when our plane touched down in Tasmania, but it was worth it! Cramming the two groups into separate maxi cabs, we began our journey to the ferry that would take us to our destination – the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). Surprisingly it was printed with a pink and grey camouflage and MR–1 in large white letters on the side. The ride was about half an hour long, the view along the way was breathtaking, but the walk up the stairs at MONA really was breath taking.

When we got inside we had to put our bags away and start from the bottom of the museum and work our way to the top. Everything inside was so obscure and interesting. After everyone had looked around a few times we met together and watched a machine digest and poop. Literary poop! 

We took the ferry back to Hobart and had around two hours to spend discovering the city. The time passed very quickly and once again we met up and went out for dinner. We had dinner at the Soho Hotel. The food was really nice, Parma and Chips! 

The entire night had exhausted everyone out and not long after our very short dinner, we took the maxi cabs back to the airport and made our way back home. 

We had spent one entire day in Tasmania, which was a wonderful experience  with friends and great art to look at along the way.  

- Heather Cullen Year 11

'It was really exciting on this excursion to The Mona. The museum was beautiful. The IPods were a clever idea to go around with. I loved how the museum went underground. The architecture was amazing to look at throughout the museum. There was one piece of art that stood out - “The Mice and Me, Meghan Boody”. The girl looked real because of the Silicone and Human Hair with Glassed Eyes. The Chapel was amazing to look at with the architectural detail. The Morgue was creepy, my heart was beating. The room looked so dark with water and stones. The overall trip was worth it for me, especially as I hadn’t been to Tasmania before.’ 

Ashley Gould Year 11

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