Exchange Students

At Staughton we welcome the opportunity to have international exchange students attend our school.  In the past few years we have very much enjoyed having students from Brazil and France attend our school. These students undertake studies appropriate to their year level and are also involved in many of the college co-curricular activities.  We also work hard to involve our exchange students in out of school experiences such as camps and excursions across a number of year levels to give them the richest experience that we can.  

 A student exchange is important in providing opportunities for both the school community and the exchange student to learn about, understand and accept a variety of cultural perspectives. This is particularly pertinent for today’s students who grow up in a world that is globally connected. Another important aspect of an exchange program is the opportunity for language immersion. This can go both ways in a student exchange. Our recent French exchange student was in constant demand for conversation with our French language students across the school and we very much valued the time and effort she was willing to put in. We have enjoyed our role in providing and interesting and engaging learning experience for our exchange students and believe that we have also benefited greatly from their time with us. 

College News
  • Front Office
    Please note the General Office will close for payments for 2017 on Wednesday 20th December at 1.30pm. The General Office will be closed on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd December.
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  • Arts and Technology Showcase
    This October again marks the annual Staughton College Arts & Technology Showcase. This is a celebration of work from students across the different year levels at the college showcasing their work.
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  • End Of Year Activities
    As in previous years, Staughton College will be running an Applied Learning Program for all students. This program will run for 5 days from Monday 12th December ‐ Friday 16th December.
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