Staughton College is located on Wilson Road in Melton South next to the Melton Campus of Victoria University.

2018 Timeline for Enrolment Process for Staughton College

April –

Week commencing 17th of April: State Primary Schools will distribute a Transition Pack to all parents/carers of Grade Six Students. If your child is at a Private or Independent School, and has not received a Transition Pack, please see Staughton College directly for a Transition Pack. This is ONLY for parents and carers who have not received their Transition Pack from their primary school. 

May –

Fri 12th May: Parents/carers return Application for Year 7 Placement forms to primary schools or directly to Staughton College by this date.  

August –

Wed 9th August: Primary schools notify parents/carers of Year 6 students, in writing, with placement offers. This notification should include a rationale for any non-placement if applicable.

Late August: Staughton College Transition Information Packs sent to parents of 2018 Year 7 studnets

October –

Wed 11th October: On Demand Testing 4:00 – 5:30 – bookings vis Staughton College website open in September

Sat 14th October: On Demand Testing 9:00 -10.30am session 1 - bookings via Staughton College website open in September


On Demand Testing 11:00 -12.30pm is session 2  - bookings via Staughton College website open in September


Wed 18th November: On Demand Testing for 2018 – 4:00 -5.30pm bookings via Staughton College website open in September

Wed 29th November: 2018 Parent Information Night 6:45 - 7:30pm

Mon 27th November: Assisted Transition Tour 9:15am

December –

Tues 12th December: Orientation Day

Staughton College Tours –

Tours run fortnightly at Stagihton College – please call the general office to make a booking

Mondays 9:15 


Monday 20th February

Monday 6th March - Week 6

Monday 20th March - Week 8



Monday 24th April - Week 2

Monday 8th May - Week 4

Monday 22nd May - Week 6

Monday 5th June - Week 8

Monday 19th June - Week 10



Monday 24th July - Week 2

Monday 7th August - Week 4

Monday 21st August - Week 6

Monday 4th September - Week 8

Monday 18th September - Week 10



Monday 16th October - Week 2

Monday 30th October - Week 4

Monday 13th November - Week 6

Monday 11th December - Week 10

For all other information regarding enrolment applications, please contact Staughton College on 03 97434622 or via email staughton.co@edumail.vic.gov.au.

College News
  • Front Office
    Please note the General Office will close for payments for 2017 on Wednesday 20th December at 1.30pm. The General Office will be closed on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd December.
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  • Arts and Technology Showcase
    This October again marks the annual Staughton College Arts & Technology Showcase. This is a celebration of work from students across the different year levels at the college showcasing their work.
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  • End Of Year Activities
    As in previous years, Staughton College will be running an Applied Learning Program for all students. This program will run for 5 days from Monday 12th December ‐ Friday 16th December.
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