Staughton College is located on Wilson Road in Melton South next to the Melton Campus of Victoria University.

2018 Timeline for Enrolment Process for Staughton College

April –

Week commencing 17th of April: State Primary Schools will distribute a Transition Pack to all parents/carers of Grade Six Students. If your child is at a Private or Independent School, and has not received a Transition Pack, please see Staughton College directly for a Transition Pack. This is ONLY for parents and carers who have not received their Transition Pack from their primary school. 

May –

Fri 12th May: Parents/carers return Application for Year 7 Placement forms to primary schools or directly to Staughton College by this date.  

August –

Wed 9th August: Primary schools notify parents/carers of Year 6 students, in writing, with placement offers. This notification should include a rationale for any non-placement if applicable.

Late August: Staughton College Transition Information Packs sent to parents of 2018 Year 7 studnets

October –

Wed 11th October: On Demand Testing 4:00 – 5:30 – bookings vis Staughton College website open in September

Sat 14th October: On Demand Testing 9:00 -10.30am session 1 - bookings via Staughton College website open in September


On Demand Testing 11:00 -12.30pm is session 2  - bookings via Staughton College website open in September


Wed 18th November: On Demand Testing for 2018 – 4:00 -5.30pm bookings via Staughton College website open in September

Wed 29th November: 2018 Parent Information Night 6:45 - 7:30pm

Mon 27th November: Assisted Transition Tour 9:15am

December –

Tues 12th December: Orientation Day

Staughton College Tours –

Tours run fortnightly at Stagihton College – please call the general office to make a booking

Mondays 9:15 


Monday 20th February

Monday 6th March - Week 6

Monday 20th March - Week 8



Monday 24th April - Week 2

Monday 8th May - Week 4

Monday 22nd May - Week 6

Monday 5th June - Week 8

Monday 19th June - Week 10



Monday 24th July - Week 2

Monday 7th August - Week 4

Monday 21st August - Week 6

Monday 4th September - Week 8

Monday 18th September - Week 10



Monday 16th October - Week 2

Monday 30th October - Week 4

Monday 13th November - Week 6

Monday 11th December - Week 10

For all other information regarding enrolment applications, please contact Staughton College on 03 97434622 or via email staughton.co@edumail.vic.gov.au.

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