Principal's Welcome

David Lord Principal Our motto Try Persevere Achieve forms the basis of the idea that each student is provided with the opportunity at Staughton College to try, develop and grow intellectually, physically and emotionally over their time at the school.

We encourage perseverance and see it as the pathway to achievement.

Our year 7 – 12, coeducational, single-campus school provides a friendly environment where boys and girls of all ages can learn to live and work together.

We value the sense of community among teachers and students alike. Older students and student leaders provide valuable role models for the younger and, in turn, they learn about the responsibilities of adulthood and the skills necessary to contribute positively to the community and the work place. All learn about socially responsible and respectful behaviour, about courtesy, about the way we should treat each other and about accepting responsibility for one's actions. Our Rights and responsibilities are based on respect, learn and safety.

The College provides structures to support a transition from Primary school including core rooms and core teachers. Our experience is that it doesn't take long before students feel confident and comfortable at school. This is a very important first step.

We also have high expectations of our students' learning. Around those high expectations, we build structure, teaching practice, organisation and procedures. We expect students to take on the challenge of continuously improving upon their learning and participating in the broad range of programs and extra-curricular activities on offer. This is supported by continuous evaluation and improvement of subjects, courses of study, and the way in which teaching and learning occurs. The academic achievements of our students are exemplified by their VCE results, VCAL completion and the tertiary, further education and training pathways they take up after graduation.

We expect and value parent support for school programs and policies in helping to maintain a working, productive environment.

The potential, creativity and spirit of our young people continue to be an inspiration and a source of confidence in the future. Their commitment to achieving high academic results while being fine citizens of the school community, the support of families and the talents and dedication of our staff make Staughton College a great place to come to every day.

College News
  • Front Office
    Please note the General Office will close for payments for 2017 on Wednesday 20th December at 1.30pm. The General Office will be closed on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd December.
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  • Arts and Technology Showcase
    This October again marks the annual Staughton College Arts & Technology Showcase. This is a celebration of work from students across the different year levels at the college showcasing their work.
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  • End Of Year Activities
    As in previous years, Staughton College will be running an Applied Learning Program for all students. This program will run for 5 days from Monday 12th December ‐ Friday 16th December.
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