Effective Learners


Staughton Students = Effective Learners

Responsible: assess your own learning progress.

Resilient: seek feedback and new challenges.

Reflective: set your own goals.


Staughton staff believe that in order for our students to be lifelong learners, we must set them up to learn effectively without us. The Staughton definition of an effective learner is someone who is responsible, resilient and reflective.


When teachers conduct learning conferences with students they are using the language of the 3Rs (responsible, resilient and reflective) to prompt students to do the same. Posters are also up in all the rooms as a visual reminder to students of the behaviours we would like them to exhibit. During learning conferences, students use their unit rubrics to discuss learning progress with their teacher. The 3Rs are summarised at the bottom of the rubrics as another visual reminder.


Parents could also support effective learning by using the 3Rs when talking to their children about their day at school.


Vanessa Shipp

English Team Leader

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